• Escape the daily grind and reconnect with nature in car-free getaways in New England.
  • Discover picturesque coastal charm in Rockport, Massachusetts, just a short train ride from Boston.
  • Immerse yourself in history and culture in car-free Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Indulge in outdoor adventures and local charm in Vermont's Green Mountains accessible by bus.
  • Experience car-free living on the idyllic Nantucket Island with its cobblestone streets and serene beaches.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore, or birds chirping in a lush forest—no car horns, no exhaust fumes, just pure, unadulterated nature. For over a decade, I've lived and traveled without a car, and I can attest that some of the most tranquil retreats are nestled in the heart of New England. Accessible by bus or train, these havens offer the perfect escape for those looking to disconnect from their daily grind and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Discover Coastal Charm in Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport is a picturesque seaside town that seems straight out of a painting. With its iconic red fishing shack on Bearskin Neck and art galleries dotting quaint streets, it's no wonder this coastal gem is a magnet for creatives and those seeking serenity by the sea. The commuter rail from Boston drops you within walking distance of Rockport's historic district, making it an ideal car-free getaway.

Embrace History and Culture in Providence, Rhode Island

The capital city of Rhode Island may be compact, but it packs a punch with its vibrant arts scene and historical architecture. Providence is steeply rooted in academic culture thanks to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. With ample public transportation options, including bus lines and trains connecting to other major cities, exploring this urban enclave without a car is not only possible but enjoyable.

Retreat to the Green Mountains of Vermont

Vermont's Green Mountains beckon with their rolling hills and verdant landscapes. Places like Stowe offer an alpine sanctuary where one can indulge in hiking during the summer or skiing in winter—all reachable via the Green Mountain Transit bus service. Whether you're sipping on locally brewed craft beer or exploring the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory tour, Vermont's charm is just a bus ride away.

Green Mountain Escapes

  1. Stowe Vermont in summer
    Stowe - A picturesque village with access to hiking and skiing.
  2. Woodstock Vermont covered bridges
    Woodstock - Charming town with covered bridges and the Billings Farm & Museum.
  3. Montpelier Vermont downtown
    Montpelier - The nation's smallest capital city, offering a quaint downtown and local eateries.
  4. Manchester Vermont historic mansions
    Manchester - Known for its historic mansions and the nearby Southern Vermont Arts Center.
  5. Waitsfield Vermont Mad River Valley
    Waitsfield - A haven for outdoor enthusiasts with the Mad River Valley.

Savor Car-Free Living on Nantucket Island

Away from mainland Massachusetts lies Nantucket Island—a place where time slows down and life simplifies. Ferries carry visitors to this remote oasis where bicycles become your best friend. Nantucket’s cobblestone streets lead to historic lighthouses, secluded beaches, and artisan boutiques that capture the island’s unique spirit. Discover how easy it is to embrace car-free living on this idyllic island.

Breathtaking view of Nantucket beach with historic lighthouse in New England

New England brims with destinations that prove life can be richer when we step away from our vehicles. In my ten years without a car, I've learned that such places not only offer peace but also an opportunity for us to become more mindful travelers. By choosing destinations accessible via bus or train—like those mentioned above—we support sustainable tourism practices while enriching our own travel experiences.

If you're curious about how well you'd fare without four wheels on your next trip, why not take our quiz to find your ideal car-free travel destination? And for those craving more information on navigating these areas without personal transport, check out our guide on traveling without a car. With proper planning and an adventurous spirit, these New England retreats are well within your reach—no car keys required.

Discover Your Ideal New England Car-Free Getaway

Dreaming of a peaceful retreat without the hassle of driving? New England offers a variety of serene destinations accessible by public transportation. Take this quiz to find out which New England car-free getaway best suits your travel preferences!

Discover the Charm of Nantucket

When you think of New England charm, Nantucket should be at the forefront of your mind. This idyllic island offers a respite from the hustle and bustle, with its cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and serene beaches. The lack of cars enhances the peaceful atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking tranquility. Accessible by ferry, which itself is a delightful journey, Nantucket invites visitors to explore by bike or on foot. Whether you're sampling fresh seafood or admiring lighthouses, this car-free haven is a breath of fresh air.

Step Back in Time in Provincetown

Provincetown, situated at the tip of Cape Cod, is another gem where the absence of cars adds to its allure. Known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community and rich history, Provincetown is easily accessible via ferry from Boston. Once there, you'll be greeted by an array of galleries, eateries, and entertainment options all within walking distance. The Provincetown shuttle also provides an eco-friendly way to navigate between beaches and attractions during your stay.

Provincetown Highlights

  1. Pilgrim Monument Provincetown
    Pilgrim Monument - A towering tribute to Provincetown's history and the Mayflower Pilgrims.
  2. Commercial Street Provincetown
    Commercial Street - Stroll through the heart of Provincetown, lined with unique shops and galleries.
  3. Provincetown Art Association and Museum
    Provincetown Art Association and Museum - Explore the vibrant local art scene and Provincetown's artistic heritage.
  4. The Provincetown Theater
    The Provincetown Theater - Catch a captivating performance at this hub for the dramatic arts.
  5. Race Point Beach Provincetown
    Race Point Beach - Experience the serene beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore.
  6. The Lobster Pot Provincetown
    The Lobster Pot - Savor iconic New England seafood at this legendary Provincetown eatery.
  7. Provincetown Library interior
    Provincetown Library - Visit the historic building housing a half-scale model of a Grand Banks schooner.
  8. Herring Cove Beach sunset
    Herring Cove Beach - Watch a breathtaking sunset at one of Provincetown's most picturesque spots.

Enjoy the Lakeside Serenity of Sunapee

Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire is a hidden treasure for those seeking serenity beside still waters. With public transportation options from nearby cities like Concord or Manchester, getting there is a breeze. The lake area offers an abundance of activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and hiking around Mount Sunapee State Park. The emphasis on nature and conservation makes it an ideal spot for eco-conscious travelers looking to unwind without the need for a car.

Lake Sunapee Car-Free Getaway Planner

  • Research bus or train routes to Lake Sunapee🚆
  • Check the schedule and frequency of the transportation options📅
  • Book your bus or train tickets in advance🎟️
  • Identify the closest stop or station to your accommodation📍
  • Plan for last-mile transportation from the stop/station to your accommodation (e.g., taxi, shuttle, walking)🚶
  • Choose accommodation with good access to public transportation🏠
  • Pack light to make transfers easier🎒
  • Check luggage restrictions for the bus or train🛄
  • Prepare a list of activities accessible without a car🗒️
  • Look up local transportation options for getting around the area🚌
  • Download maps and transportation apps relevant to the area📱
  • Inform your accommodation of your car-free status for potential advice or services
  • Check the weather forecast to plan appropriate clothing and gear☀️
  • Ensure your phone is charged and bring a portable charger for long travel days🔋
  • Carry cash and small change for transportation that may not accept cards💵
Congrats, you're all set for a serene car-free getaway to Lake Sunapee!

Incorporating these car-free destinations into your travel plans not only contributes to reducing your carbon footprint but also allows you to immerse yourself more fully in the local culture and natural beauty that New England has to offer. With each location being accessible by bus or train, you can enjoy these tranquil retreats while embracing a more sustainable way of traveling.

If you're ready to plan your next getaway without the hassle of driving, check out our guide on top eco-friendly travel destinations without a car. And don't forget to take our quiz to discover which car-free destination could be your next adventure!

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Car-Free New England Getaways: Your Questions Answered

What are some top destinations in New England that I can visit without a car?
New England offers several car-free getaways that are easily accessible by public transportation. Provincetown, accessible by ferry, is a vibrant coastal town with a rich arts scene. Block Island, reachable by ferry, offers serene beaches and nature reserves. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are also ferry-accessible islands with charming towns and beautiful landscapes. Burlington, Vermont can be reached by bus and offers a pedestrian-friendly downtown and lake views. Lastly, the White Mountains in New Hampshire provide a natural retreat with shuttle services to various hiking trails.
How can I reach Martha's Vineyard without a car?
To reach Martha's Vineyard without a car, you can take advantage of the ferry services that operate from several locations. The most common departure points are from Woods Hole, Falmouth, and Hyannis in Massachusetts. You can reach these ferry terminals by bus or train from major cities like Boston. Once on the island, there are local buses and bike rentals available to help you explore.
Are there any car-free options for exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire?
Yes, the White Mountains offer car-free options for visitors. During the summer and fall, a shuttle service called the White Mountains Shuttle operates, providing access to popular hiking trails and attractions. Additionally, the historic Cog Railway and the Mount Washington Auto Road's guided tours offer unique ways to experience the mountain without the need for a personal vehicle. Lodging in the area often provides shuttle services to trailheads and local points of interest as well.
Can I enjoy a beach vacation in New England without owning a car?
Absolutely! New England boasts several beach destinations that are accessible without a car. Cape Cod has a network of buses and shuttles that can take you to various beaches and towns. Old Orchard Beach in Maine is another popular spot, with train service directly to the beach area from Boston. Additionally, the beaches of Rhode Island, such as Narragansett and Newport, can be reached by public transit, offering a relaxing seaside escape.
What public transportation options are available for traveling within New England?
New England's public transportation network includes trains, buses, and ferries. Amtrak provides train service between major cities and some rural areas. Regional bus companies like Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus Lines offer extensive routes throughout the region. For coastal and island destinations, ferry services are available, such as the Steamship Authority and Block Island Ferry. Local transit systems in cities like Boston, Providence, and Portland also make urban exploration convenient.

Your adventure awaits in New England's tranquil retreats—no keys required! By choosing these accessible getaways by bus or train, not only do you contribute positively to the environment but also gain richer experiences filled with discovery and relaxation.

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